You Might’ve Hurt Her But It’s You Who Lost In The End

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She simply got tired of your lies and your games and your manipulation. She got tired of listening to the same promises that you never intended to keep. She got tired of giving her all and not getting anything in return. She got tired of living off of the crumbs of your love. And most importantly she was exhausted from always coming last on your list when she always put you first. It wasn’t fair and she should’ve gotten more than this. She deserved it.

She just wanted to be yours, that’s all she ever asked for.

Instead of loving her, you chose to hurt her. It’s a lie that you didn’t mean to hurt her. Nobody hurts people accidentally. Because every time you decided not to put her first, every time you brushed her off, every time you used mean words to bring her down, every time you withheld your love from her, you were hurting her. See, it was a choice, so cut the crap.

She is a good girl and she didn’t deserve the hell you put her through. She deserved to be happy and she needed just a little but even that little was too much to ask from you.

It’s okay, don’t worry, because it is you in the end who pulled the short straw.

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