You Might’ve Hurt Her But It’s You Who Lost In The End

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You didn’t choose the tools, you did everything possible to hurt her. You started lying to her, playing games, playing hot and cold, using her whenever it suited you and then blowing her off whenever it was her who needed you.

You turned out to be one of those selfish assholes who uses others for their own needs.

What have you done?

This girl deserved to be loved because she had nothing but love for you. She deserved to be appreciated because she bent over backward just for you. She should’ve left you a long time ago but she chose to fight for you and she chose to fight for your love. When you had nobody, she was by your side. When everyone decided to leave you, she chose to stay.

You know why she is this way? She can’t help it, it’s just in her nature. When she loves, she loves till the end, unlike you. When she loves, she accepts both good and bad sides. When she loves, she does even the impossible for those she cares for. And she never gives up because she always finds a reason to stay in places nobody else would even think of looking.

See, you really are something. You managed to push all her buttons to the point where she just couldn’t do it anymore. You made her give up on someone she loved so much.

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