You Might’ve Hurt Her But It’s You Who Lost In The End

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How could you hurt a girl who just wanted to love you? How could you not see that she deserved the world because she was ready to do just about anything for you?

She just wanted to be yours, that’s all she ever asked for.

You promised to love her forever but you lied to her. You said there would never be another one for you but that wasn’t true. You swore to appreciate her but you only ended up taking her for granted.

She deserved so much more than you gave her. She deserved so much more than to get hurt by someone she loved more than she loved herself.

You made her fall for you, you promised her a future and you made her believe you were her soulmate, that you were the one and that you two were truly meant to be. And you were but then you changed.

All she got in the end was pain and a stab with a knife straight through her heart whenever you got the chance for it.

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