6 Bulletproof Ways To Get Over A Player

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Most women have had a player at least once in their lives and they know what it feels like to be led by the guy who you thought was the right one. Instead of getting a man who would love you and fight for you, all you got was a jerk who used you only to get into your panties and never called again. The catch is that guys like this are very charming and they know how to seduce any woman. And all the other women who were led on didn’t think that that would ever happen to them. So, in case you were led on by a player and you are suffering right now, here are some bulletproof ways to get over him.

1. The no contact rule
If you want to get over a player, you shouldn’t contact him. Period. If you stay in any contact with him, you won’t be able to get over him so easily and he can use some tricks to win you back. And that is not something you want after you realized what kind of a person he is. So, don’t call him, don’t answer his calls or texts and avoid going to places where he goes. That is one of the ways you can get over him sooner than you thought.

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