10 Types Of Women We All Love

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Someone once said:

“Opposites attract,”

And then we all followed the same story about how beautiful it is to have someone who is the opposite of us. It’s a familiar story which says someone is always fire and someone is water. If someone is too loud, he enjoys the company of the silent type.

If someone is too optimistic, he needs a person who is sometimes pessimistic to make the balance. However, there are some traits and types of people everybody wants to have in their life.

Here are ten types of women we all love:


We all know that we always feel the best when our mothers are near us. A mother has the right advice and understands when we make a mistake. We are not just looking for a woman who will play our mother in a friendship or a relationship, but we all love that type of woman who warms our heart without a lot of words. She worries about us, hears us, tells us criticism, but still gives us a hug that calms the whole situation.


Gathering on holidays or some other celebration requires a great organization. We all love good food, drink, and entertainment but rarely love to organize it. That is why there is always ONE who enjoys it. She writes everything in her planner, knows how many people will come, how much money we need, when we need to gather up and who we shouldn’t forget. Many forget to thank her for that. In time, they all get used to the fact it is her’s  obligation now and expect everything to end. But we must admit that we all love such people. I know, it sounds selfish.


Well, sometimes the situation is quite serious, and there is no joke to be made here, but she still makes jokes. However, we cannot object to it, because she is always there to cure every aspect of pessimism and depression. This type of woman arrives at your apartment with a bottle of wine in her hands and a box of ice cream in a couple of minutes with the phrase “Enough crying, let’s have fun.” Even though we’d rather lie in the room at that moment, we’ll be grateful to her jokes later.  But there is one problem here: no one can always be so positive, so people usually don’t understand when such people have “bad days.”


This type of woman holds everything we need in her bag; If the button on the dress fell off, she has a thread and a needle. If our head hearts, she has a whole medicine bag. If our car breaks, she has a person who will fix it all in a matter of minutes. In short, nothing can surprise her. When we don’t know what’s best to do, we all call her. She will already have someone who will help us or she will know the same story that ended happily. She never expects for us to return the favor to her and it still isn’t  clear to anyone how is it possible for her to always do everything right.


When your wife says that she will come in five minutes, we all know that it’s at least another twenty minutes of waiting. There is also a joke about it: “I’ll be there in five minutes, and there’s no need to call me  every ten minutes.” It’s funny when we hear about it, but when we’ve been waiting in the rain for half an hour, it’s not funny anymore. That is why women who gets ready in five minutes is a great rarity. There are such women, but very few. With this type of woman we always arrange everything very fast because we know she will be there as planned.


People always say that women are bad drivers and they can never drive like men. Some women prove the opposite and with whom we love to drive. We feel safe and when planning trips we always know who drives. We like this type of woman because we do not have to think about how much we’ve been drinking for a celebration because we know she’ll drive us and she is always a responsible driver. Another good thing is that it’s a pleasure to travel with her.


When we buy a new kitchen, this type of woman always has the best advice as for what carpet would perfectly fit with that kitchen. When we go to the job interview, she has the perfect garment combination for us. She enjoys decorating, dressing up, and nobody misses her when it comes to the most important days of life, such as a wedding or a graduation celebration because we know she will give us the best decorative suggestions. She always keeps track of trends, and when we need to buy it, she already knows the store in which we can find it all.


You just have to mention here that you love purple flowers and she will remember to bring you bouquets of purple flowers after three years at your birthday celebration. She always remembers what her friends love and want. Sometimes it seems like a box full of memories. She always has the best gifts and never forgets the important dates in our lives. This type of woman is a proof that we do not need a lot of money to love someone, but enough love.


With this type of woman, you are never boring! She has a million new stories, and everyone loves to see her because they know it will be an interesting conversation. Even when something bad happens, she tells her story as an adventure, so everyone wishes to be in her place. She often travels and makes new acquaintances. She has many friends all around the world and is ready for challenges. You can learn a lot from her…


We all sometimes gossip, admit it! But some people really exaggerate in it. Their conversations are full of gossip and it seems to be the only topic they have. That is why everyone likes this type of woman. She is not interested in such things and she almost never knows what is happening in somebody’s life. Actually, maybe he knows, but she will not tell us that. She always changes the subject and starts talking about other things. She doesn’t want to interfere in what is not her job – that’s the sentence she most often uses.